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We are offering a field training as a part of our 2020 United States Soccer Federation referee clinic and certification on 11/2/19.  This is the final step to becoming a referee for 2020.

Before taking this step, we have a module, training and test that everyone will need to perform.  It takes about 6 hours to complete for someone familiar with the game.  The modules walk you through the laws of the game, law changes and the various duties of the referee, assistant referee and fourth officials.


If you know of anyone who would be interested, we constantly have games open and are in need throughout the season in Central Arkansas:

In order to take the first step in registering:

1.  Register as a returning or new referee

2.  Create a New Account

3.  You want to accept the terms and conditions for

4.  You want to sign up for the 2020 Grassroots referee course online 29917





August Blog

Why Should You Become a USSF Referee? 

I will cut to the chase on this one….WE NEED REFFEREES FOR YOUTH SOCCER!  I think what some spectators of soccer do not realize is that the officials they see on the weekends are either high school students or professionals who have full time jobs and families but want to give back to the sport.  So what does that mean?  As the assignor, I work around a lot of different schedules as most of the current referees cannot devote every hour or every weekend to officiating soccer which can sometimes create a shortage.  So why should you become a USSF Referee?

· Help with the shortage of referees.  Even if you work 1-2 games around your player’s schedule, it helps out.

· Give back to the sport that may have given you or your child so much.

· It gives you a better understanding of the game.

· Burn some calories while at the soccer fields!  Great way to stay in shape and get some exercise and be paid for it.

· Sharpen your mental skills.  As a referee, you are constantly watching, thinking and making quick decisions every minute of the game. 

· If your child is 13 years or older, it can be a family affair and a great bonding experience.

· Teaches your teenager responsibility, critical thinking, decision making skills and communication.



Why did I become an official almost ten years ago? 

I started coaching soccer in 2005 when my youngest started playing soccer.  Like many, I put down that I would help but with the shortage of individuals who volunteered to do anything, of course I was called and asked if I would coach.  It was the same scenario when I was asked to become an official.  Like most people, I had never officiated any sport.  I played sports and even coached but to be an official was a little frightening BUT there was a need and I wanted my sons to have officials at their games so I joined a small group of parents who also became officials.  What I didn’t realize was how much I would enjoy officiating the sport.  It challenged me in ways that my previous athletic endeavors had not.  What was better was that my oldest son was of age so we did the class together and a year later, my youngest son joined the small band of officials.  From here, I could write forever about the experiences, adventures and unique bonding we had officiating together.  Instead, I won’t bore you with my memories but I will tell you that both of my sons benefitted tremendously from officiating.  It not only allowed them to buy their own vehicles and show them responsibility but it also taught them skills that they use in college now.  It pushed and continues to push all three of us out of our comfort zone to new experiences.  So I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try something new which will also help the soccer community. 

Best Regards,

Kim Eskola



Interested in making at least $15 an hour?

Want a job that will be flexible?

Need a weekend only job to pick up extra income?

Want a job that will keep you active?

Become a Youth Soccer Official!!!!

A US Soccer Official provides a lot of benefits:

 · Work while burning some calorie
 · Learn how to critically think, make quick decisions, manage players and communicate both verbally and non-verbally with your crew

· Flexible for the soccer parents, hard-working individuals, college and high school students!

· Don’t know the game?  Tons of support to help you learn and become a referee!

· Majority of the time… at field. 

· Easy on-line course with a one day four hour field session

How Do I Sign Up?


1)  Click on

2) Click on Grade 8 course with uniform (discounts on uniforms when ordered with the course). 

3) Get started with the course.  When completed, you will
4) Register for any field session. 

           Several field sessions are offered throughout the state at different times. 
                                            It is THAT EASY!! 

  Once you are certified, you will be connected with your local assignor for games.   


Future Referee Classes


Link to see future classes:


Become a Referee



You must be at least 13 years to obtain your first referee license and attend the class. (Must be 14 to referee games)

As an incentive to get certified, Arkansas United will reimburse your cost of the certification.

  • Grade 8 (entry level):  up to $50 registration reimbursement after 10 games worked with AUSC in a season.
  • Grade 7 (work high level youth): up to $55 registration reimbursement after 10 games worked with AUSC in a season.
  • Grade 6 (any adult or amateur level): up to $85 registration reimbursement after 15 games worked with AUSC in a season.


To referee for games at Verizon Fields, Natural Steps Park, and Otter Creek, please contact

Kim Eskola
Little Rock Assignor
Phone: 501.690.0332


To referee game in Conway:

Van Lamar
Conway Referee Assignor
Phone: 501-733-2766

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Thank you Sponsor

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