Ball Mastery Moves Index

Controlled Dribbling – Slowly move the ball between both feet using the inside, outside & sole of the foot to manipulate the ball in different directions.

Speed Dribbling – Running w/ the ball using the laces of the foot to guide the ball along with you. NO TOE BALLS! Emphasize keeping the toe pointing down while running.

Foundation Touches - Aka (Tick Tocks / Toe Taps)  Ball in between feet moving the ball from side to side in a pendulum fashion.

Sole Taps - Little touches on the ball using the toe, sole (bottom) of the foot in a repetitive fashion of left, right, left, right and so on.

Inside Foot Passing – Plant your foot facing your target, and strike through the middle of the ball with the inside of the foot. *best technique for accuracy and control*

Inside Foot Trap – Used to receive a pass. Opening hips and foot to catch/cradle the ball and bring it to control at one's foot.

Inside Outs - Move the ball with the inside of the big toe, followed by outside of little toe in a zig-zag fashion. Left foot only, followed by right foot only. *players begin to know what foot is their dominant and spend more time on their “weak” foot at this age as muscle memory is much easy to learn while players are young**

Heel / Toe Roll - Roll the ball up and down the sole of the foot from heel to toe keeping contact with the ball at all times.

1 Touch Juggle – Starting with the ball in hand, drop the ball and using your laces take 1 touch to pop the ball back up and catch it again in your hands.

Pull Touch– Using the sole of your toes, directed the ball back into your plant foot.

Inside Chop – Running forward, use the inside of the foot to turn the ball straight back in the opposite direction.

Outside Chop – Running forward, use the outside of the foot to turn the ball straight back in the opposite direction.

Pull Push - Pull the ball back from heel to toe and push forward with the laces.

Sole Roll - Body square to (facing) the ball, roll the entire foot over the ball (inside of foot making contact with ball first) and quickly repeat.

Inside, Inside, Outside, Outside - Now 2 touches with big toe followed by 2 touches of the little toe.

2 Foot Juggle – Starting with the ball in hand, drop the ball and using your laces take 1 touch with your right foot before it hits the ground to pop the ball back up and take 1 touch with your left foot to pop the ball back up and catch again with your hands.

Pull Back – Running forward, use the sole of your toe to pull the ball straight back in the opposite direction, facing the ball the entire way through the turn.

Fake & Take – Dribbling at a defender, the player dips their shoulders & bends their knees to “sell” the fake (or to make the defender believe the attacker is going in a specific direction) in one direction and takes the ball with the outside (little toe) of the opposite foot in the other direction around the defender.

Foundation Touches (Tick Tocks / Toe Taps) forwards/backwards - Now moving with the ball forwards and backwards.

Sole Taps forwards/backwards – Now moving with the ball backwards and forwards.

Inside/Outside Roll – Rolling your foot, using the inside or outside of your foot, up the ball to put the sole of the foot on the top of the ball and repeat.

Inside outside across the body – First touch with little toe right foot (outside of foot), second touch with big toe right foot (inside of the foot), Third touch with the little toe of left, Fourth touch with the big toe of left. Repeat.

Cryuff Turn – Dribbling straight. Put your plant foot beside the ball and using the inside, big toe, of your control foot, chop the ball behind your standing leg & begin dribbling the ball away in the opposite direction.

Scissors – Same idea as above. The difference here is the “fake” step now happens by moving your foot in front of the ball.. Faking left and taking the ball away to the right, for example, the left foot is your “fake” step foot, when you take that fake step you must swing your foot around the front of the ball while bending your knees and dipping your shoulders to the fake left.

Pull & Pop Touch – Using the sole of your foot perform a heal to toe roll and using your toes/laces of your foot flick the ball straight up and catch the ball in your hands.

Foundation Touches Side to Side - Now move the body to the left whilst performing 3-4 “Tick Tocks” and then back to the right in a zig-zag fashion.

Sole Taps Side to Side – Moving the ball from side to side, left foot to right foot in a zig-zag fashion.

Foundations W/ Combo – Stating with foundation touches, on command coach call out a particular skill move to perform then players get back into foundation touches.

Sole Taps W/ Combo – Start with sole touches and on command coach calls out another skill move

to perform and then players get back into sole taps.

Step Over – Require a similar fake to the scissor but now you step over the front of the ball.

Pull Push Behind - Pull ball to side & behind standing foot and using inside of big toe push across to control with other foot
Circle Roll/Turn
- Moving the ball with either the inside or sole of the same foot in a circular motion.

2 Foundations touches followed by a rollover and repeat. 1st touch inside right foot, 2nd touch w/ inside left foot then use right sole to roll the ball over and repeat starting with the first touch left foot.

Pull Push Side to Side – “V Touches” – Set the ball in front of and to the side of you. Reaching across your body, with the sole of your foot, pull the ball back in and take the second touch out in front and to the opposite side. Then repeat with the opposite foot.

Double Scissors – Same idea as a single scissor. Now just do 2 scissor steps with both feet. Scissor

step with left, scissor step with right then take the ball away to left for example.

Roll Step Over – Combining the rollover and step over. Roll the ball across your body with your right foot going from right to left and your next step with your left footsteps over the ball.

Roll Over/Outside Chop – Running straight. Roll your sole over the top of the ball while coming to a stop and use the outside of the same foot to take the ball back in the opposite direction.

Roll Over/Inside Cut – Same as above; however, this time let the ball roll across your body to the opposite foot to use the inside of that foot to take the ball back in the opposite direction.

Lift Touch – Using your toe to dig in under the ball to lift it up and over a defender's leg. Often used in 50/50 situations where you beat a defender to the ball and know they are coming in hard for a tackle.

Maradona – Legendary escape turn coined by Diego Maradona of Argentina. Using the sole of both feet perform a slight pull back with your dominant foot while simultaneously spinning in a 360degree motion and catching the ball with the sole of your opposite foot to pull the ball back in front of you.

Cristiano Chop- Often used on the outside of the field as a way to cut into the goal. Speed Dribbling with the outside foot (foot closest to the sideline) breaking stride to quickly chop the ball using the big toe of the outside foot behind your plant foot to cut the ball in towards goal.

Foot Flap – The Legendary Ronaldinho of Brazil was famous for this escape move. In one step, using the outside of your foot, you start by taking the ball with the little toe to the outside, but before your foot hits the ground, at the flap of your ankle, use the inside of your foot to take the ball inside back inside.

Inside/Out Hesitation – Catching the ball with the inside of your foot appearing to take it in one direction, plant foot is used as a juke step before taking the second touch with the outside of the same foot to go in the other direction.

Inside/Out Scissor – Same as above but adding a scissor with either foot to help fake defender and take the ball away into space.


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