7v7: Time to choose?!

Recreational or Academy, can't go wrong, here's why...

7v7: Time to choose?!


For Fall 2022, players born in 2017, 2016, or 2015 are still eligible to play in our ‘In House’ program this fall. 

  • The 2015s will remain to play 5v5 w/ Goalie in the fall
  • The 2016s  will move from playing 4v4 CoED to playing 5v5 w/ Goalie in the fall
  • 2014s they will be moving out of our ‘In House’ program will have a choice  between our Recreational Program  and our Pre-Competitive Academy

We are happy to be able to offer both programs, so parents & players may choose the one that best fits to continue to play soccer. However, there is a cost and commitment difference between the two programs. 

The Recreational program (https://www.arkansasunited.com/programs/recreational) is very similar to your player’s current setup. An eight-week program that is much like the 5v5 ‘In House’ program. The teams are usually coached by volunteer parents. The teams traditionally play eight total games and most teams practice one night per week, some two nights per week based on the coach’s schedule.

The Pre-Competitive Academy - known as PCA - (https://www.arkansasunited.com/programs/pre-competitive-academy) is a twelve-week program that is coached by experienced, club-staffed coaches. These teams practice three nights per week and play 10 to 11 games. 

If you would like more information or have questions,  please contact Brittany Axford, brittany@arkansasunited.com, PCA Girls Director of Coaching. 

Arkansas United's number one goal for both programs is to keep players having fun and developing a love for the game, the ball, and playing soccer as long as they like. 



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