Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?

Costs vary from team to team and among age groups. Factors that influence costs are related mainly to the amount of out of town tournament travel and team sponsorship. (for sponsorship rules contact our office)  Costs range from $650-$1,550 per year.   Costs include uniforms, referees fees, field maintenance, state, and local club fees, coach’s stipends, tournament entry fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.  Cost should not be a factor in preventing any player from being selected for a team. Full and partial scholarships are available on a demonstrated need basis. The first payments will be due in August and are usually billed monthly.

How many players will be selected for each age level?

The number of players selected for each team depends on the number of players participating in the matches.  Most teams playing 11 a side (13 - 18) will select between 16 and 22 players. Teams playing 9 a side (11 & 12) will select between 11 and 15 players. The number may vary based on the number of players who tryout and the skills exhibited.  When skills and numbers permit, and qualified coaches are available, we may offer Premier, Elite, and Select teams in a single age group.

What if I don’t make the competitive team?

We encourage you to keep playing soccer with us on one of our recreational teams.  United offers recreational teams at almost every age level. Many of these teams are highly competitive, practice twice per week, and attend in-state tournaments. 

How often do competitive teams practice? What is the time commitment? Does everyone play equally?

Competitive teams usually practice 2-3 times a week, 10 to 11 months a year.   Most teams will play in excess of 40 regular and tournament games per year.  The total number of games is of course dependent on each individual coach.  Coaches determine playing time for each game situation. Players are not guaranteed equal playing time.

Where are practices and games held? 

Competitive practices are held at various parks around LR such as Murray Park, Burns Park, Natural Steps, Henderson, Verizon and Otter Creek. Competitive teams based in Conway practice at Centennial Soccer Park. Our facilities that have lights are Murray Park, Henderson, Otter Creek, and Centennial Park.  Home games are played at the Verizon, Natural Steps, Burns Park, Otter Creek, and Centennial Park. 

Can I play for my school team and still play with my United competitive team?

Yes, many United competitive teams at age 15–18 take a break in the spring so their players can play for their high schools.  United teams usually resume in the spring after the state high school tournament allowing the United team to compete in state and regional tournaments.

Can I play other sports and still be on a competitive soccer team?

Yes, competitive soccer requires a commitment to attend all practices, games, and tournaments.  You may play other sports, but will need to balance your time wisely between school, soccer and other sports.   Your signed contract is annual commitment, not just for the fall season.

Can I tryout for an age level higher than my birthday?

Yes, you can tryout for an age level above your birth date if you have received written permission from the Technical Director... However, United strongly encourages you to tryout for your correct age team. You may not play at a younger age level.  Arkansas State Soccer Association (ASSA)

Competitive teams will be formed in the following ages:  2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.

How many people play on the field for my age group?

United will follow the Arkansas State Soccer Association rules as follows:

Age             Players                               

11-12         9 v 9                          

13-19         11 v 11

Arkansas United Soccer Club

Arkansas United Soccer Club formerly known as Little Rock Futbol Club has been a 501c3 nonprofit youth organization serving our community since 1980. Our principal mission is the promotion of youth soccer. We strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an atmosphere where each player may participate and progress according to his or her interest and ability. We take great pride in developing our players as athletes, students and responsible young men and women. Our players form life-long friendships with their club mates, acquire leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that ultimately prepare them for life beyond soccer.

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