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The ECNL Girls Regional League (ECNL Regional League) was founded to improve the daily environment for girl’s youth soccer players through a collaborative club-based development program featuring competition, player identification, and coaching and club development platforms. The Girl’s ECNL Regional League will include both regular season conference games and cross-conference events, and qualifying teams will advance to the ECNL Regional League Post Season event, held in conjunction with the ECNL Girl’s Post Season.

The Girl’s ECNL Regional League is based on the values of grass-roots collaboration and innovation and supports the independence and freedom of coaches and clubs to fully manage the development path for their players, including the system and style of play, the competitive calendar, and all aspects of the development path. The Girl’s ECNL Regional League will raise standards in training, competition, club organization, and coaching in a holistic development program.


The Rising Classic Program will appeal to players who are at the top of their game when they exit the Youth Academy phase and want to continue their rapid upward trajectory or are looking to play a high level of soccer. without having to travel for in-season games. Your player is provided with a higher level of coaching, preparation, and competition than what is offered in the Select Program. 

Classic players follow an intricately designed curriculum aimed at helping players build their soccer IQ’s, technical proficiency, mental and physical conditioning, as they prepare to advance to the elite levels of play. Our Coaches are adept at keeping players motivated and maintaining healthy interactions with their teammates while maintaining the balance between productivity and enjoyment.. 

Our classic teams compete in local, statewide, and regional league offerings that cover the spectrum of pathways in preparing your player for the next level. 

About Arkansas Rising


The purpose of Arkansas Rising is about players playing at the appropriate level to enhance their individual player development instead of just forming teams.  We believe that the overall level of training will improve, therefore creating a more challenging playing environment for each player, regardless of their placement within the club.  Research shows that when a player is placed at the appropriate level, their opportunity for growth will 'rise'.  This partnership expands our talent and the depth created will lead to more accurate player placement thus allowing more room for individual players to grow from within the organization. 

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