Rise Above Elite Player Camp

This summer, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the ‘Rise Above’ competitive player camp. This is an elite level camp designed to challenge the highest level players in the state of Arkansas. Sessions will run for 1 hour 30 minutes and will take place over 8 separate dates in July. Our goal is to work with small groups delivering high intensity, quality technical training to all involved. We believe that training players at a similar level of ability will push each other to bring out the competitive edge. Players are much more likely to work harder, therefore getting more out of the session. During the 12 hours of practice, the staff will focus on refining a wide variety of technical aspects of the game in a highly focused and detailed environment. The ‘Rise Above’ camp will be available to a total of 64 players across 2 time-slots. 2011’s - 2008’s will work in the evenings (6.30-8pm) and 2007+ will work in the mornings (9-10.30am). Players will be split into groups of 8, and each group will work for 20 minutes with each Director. Registration is open to all players, but acceptance is NOT guaranteed. The staff will review interest and create groups accordingly.              Sign up is closed!

Sessions lead by AR Rising Directors:  Brittany Axford, Alex Burgess, Mark Gibbs, Justin Hawkins and Dave Marshall

Where:     Maumelle Soccer Complex
When:      July  13, 14, 15, 16,  20, 21, 22, 23rd
Ages:       2011 thru 2003.  
                          2011-2008  Evenings  6:30-8pm  
                          2007 -2003 Mornings.  9 -10:30am
Cost:      $250, (Registration fee will be required once player is selected to attend)


About Arkansas Rising


The purpose of Arkansas Rising is about players playing at the appropriate level to enhance their individual player development instead of just forming teams.  We believe that the overall level of training will improve, therefore creating a more challenging playing environment for each player, regardless of their placement within the club.  Research shows that when a player is placed at the appropriate level, their opportunity for growth will 'rise'.  This partnership expands our talent and the depth created will lead to more accurate player placement thus allowing more room for individual players to grow from within the organization. 

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