Arkansas Rising as One

The soccer landscape in Arkansas is complex and constantly changing. The partnership of these proud clubs will form the strongest youth soccer organization in Arkansas and will set the standard for individual player development. By pooling our resources, Arkansas Rising will be able to provide players an unrivaled experience while minimizing geographic challenges for the majority of our youth athletes, while maintaining strong community ties. Our combined facilities, coaching staff, and administrative resources will uniquely position Arkansas Rising to provide opportunities for our players and increase the overall level of play. Quite simply we are stronger together.

This is a partnership that is being integrated with the highest level of cooperation and support from both Maumelle SC/Real Arkansas and Arkansas United SC.  Coaching staff from both clubs’ competitive teams will be integrated, players intermingled, and there will be a clear focus on how to best deliver the optimal experience for the players.  Players from both Maumelle and United recreational and academy programs will be encouraged to grow into Rising players.  We intend to be the model organization for competitive youth soccer with an unwavering focus on ensuring that the good of the players and their families come first.


The name Arkansas Rising reflects the journey of like-minded clubs, families, and players coming together to elevate competitive soccer in Arkansas. Our boards agreed the best long-term future for our individual clubs was to partner as a single competitive club, working together to combine resources and maximize our geographical advantages. The clubs have come together to form Arkansas Rising SC are proud, long-existing organizations within their communities. We believe that the name ‘Rising’ encompasses everything that we, as a club are trying to achieve. Arkansas Rising will constantly strive to increase the level of competition in the state of Arkansas and beyond

Arkansas United Soccer Club

Arkansas United Soccer Club formerly known as Little Rock Futbol Club has been a 501c3 nonprofit youth organization serving our community since 1980. Our principal mission is the promotion of youth soccer. We strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an atmosphere where each player may participate and progress according to his or her interest and ability. We take great pride in developing our players as athletes, students and responsible young men and women. Our players form life-long friendships with their club mates, acquire leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that ultimately prepare them for life beyond soccer.

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Arkansas United Soccer Club
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