Mark Gibbs Camps

The objectives of the program are to accelerate overall player development, reduce the chances of injury and increase player motivation.  Soccer players require training programs that address all of their needs technically, tactically, athletically and psychologically. This player-centric program is far removed from the competitive season and the stresses of winning and losing so that we can continue to focus on developing well-rounded athletes.

Cost:  4-day camp $99.00 (LR & Conway)







BIRTH YEARS          


Murray Park, Little Rock

August 6-9, 2018   

2008 - 2013 9:00 am -- 10:30 am   
Murray Park, Little Rock            August 6-9, 2018 2003 - 2007 10:30 am -- 12:00 pm






BIRTH YEARS 2008-2013

BIRTH YEARS 2003-2007

Day 1 Ball mastery & 4v4 games (End zone, 4-Goal and 6-goal games) Dribbling and 1v1 battles (deceptive moves and feints to beat the defender)
Day 2 Ball mastery & 1v1 games (two gates, goals, end zones) Receiving (improving first tourch to maintain possession of the ball)
Day 3 Ball mastery, tag games, 5v5 2v2, 4v4 games & Shooting
Day 4 Ball mastery and 4v4 games (End zone, 4-goal and 6-goal games) Combination play (movement and combination in small groups, speed of play and decision making)

Arkansas United Soccer Club

Arkansas United Soccer Club formerly known as Little Rock Futbol Club has been a 501c3 nonprofit youth organization serving our community since 1980. Our principal mission is the promotion of youth soccer. We strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an atmosphere where each player may participate and progress according to his or her interest and ability. We take great pride in developing our players as athletes, students and responsible young men and women. Our players form life-long friendships with their club mates, acquire leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that ultimately prepare them for life beyond soccer.

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